Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Greetings everyone:

this evening, the U.S experienced an exciting historical event: the election of Barack Obama. However, there has also been some devestating news on the civil rights front: Florida and Arizona have passed gay marriage bans and all over the country,reproduction rights to abortion access has been restricted. However, with the much more open minded view of Obama, there's a big chance that these restrictions can be overturned. (In fact, you can see his views on important issues here:

So here now, is the song,I'm Not Down by the Clash from their classic album London Calling. I know nothing about copying audio(or burning as the kids call it.hohoho),so the lyrics shall have to do:
If it's true that a rich man leads a sad lifeN' that's what they from day to dayThen what do all the poor do with their lives?On judgment day with nothing to say?
[Chorus:]I've been beat up, I've been thrown
Out but I'm not down, I'm not down
I've been shown up, but I've grown upAnd I'm not down, I'm not down
On my own I faced a gang of jeering in strange streetsWhen my nerves were pumping and IFought my fear in, I did not run
I was not done[Chorus]
And I have lived that kind of dayWhen one of your sorrows will go away
It goes down and down and hit the floorDown and down and down some more
Depression But I know there'll be some way
When I can swing everything back my way
Like skyscrapers rising up Floor by floor, I'm not giving up
So you rock around and think that
You're the toughestIn the world, the whole wide world
But you're streets away from where

It gets the roughestYou ain't been there[Chorus]I'm not down [x7]

So to paraphrase a quote from the Daily Show, I say to the yearnin and fighting masses, keep yearning and fighting!

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