Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Childhood is short,maturity is forever

Okay kids,I have a little reading assignment for you all, read the following lyrics:

All-O-gistics by the Descendents:

Halloween-Dead Kennedys:

Minor Threat-Minor Threat:

Now,I want you to really think about what these lyrics are saying, the tones may be different,but they all share the same theme: A celebration of youthful freedom. However, consider the personas these frontmen exhibited: Ian was serious about uniting teenagers together to change the world, Jello was satire and sarcasm and Milo was, well, a kid: an awkward, lovelorn, goofy kid. Think back to your high school peers: they were underdeveloped, nervous about the future, and working out life in general. With all these stresses in life, adolescents either turned to snarkiness or retreated to their own little world of immature jokes and obsessions( farts,junk food,women,etc.) as a form of escape. They want to be their own person and understand the world on their own terms and enjoy themselves before adulthood hits. Thus, I think All-O-gistics captures this time of life. Minor Threat and Halloween seemed more like calls of action or moralistic statements: Individuality without actual appeal.

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