Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Ramones- the accidental first parody of a boy band

Sorry Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett but the Ramones were the first band to satirize the manufactured pop stuff since the lead three members seemed to parody the archetypes accidentally, think about it.

1)Joey: So sensitive that the poor man had OCD

2)Johnny the tough guy to the point of being a racist, controlling asshole

3) Dee Dee-the "wacky" guy who was obsessed with nazis and even fantasized about killing his girlfriend in a song. Also illiterate as any account on the making of Rock n Roll High School will tell you(took him 50 some takes just to get the word Pizza)

4)Tommy/Marky: the straight man who tried to keep everyone together although Marky was an alcoholic for a while and well, with people like the above going at each other's throats(for good reason, granted, Johnny stole Joey's ladyfriend and married her), who could blame him?

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