Thursday, November 1, 2012

All right! Yes! Fort Awesome part ??: the returning!

So my final year of university happened and so did Halloween. I am not quite done with school  yet of course, but I thought I'd drop in:
I've been a horror movie fiend these past few weeks, Here's an itinerary(I'll get more into em as soon as  I can)

Dead Zone- Excellent, Christopher Walken needed an oscar nomination
Pet Semetary: God awful except for Fred Gwyne
American Werewolf in London: Fantastic, Cronenberg's the Fly owes a lot to this movie with the psychological torment of the main character and the body horror

 and next, I'll be watching:
The two other Hammer Horror Dracula  films ( Christopher Lee-Fuck yes!)
House of The Devil (an 80s style Horror movie from three years ago)
Friday the 13th
Return of Frankenstein(with Peter Cushing!)
So look out for those! :D

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