Monday, January 11, 2010

Djdja miss me?

Probably not cos no one's reading my blog I'll bet. phooey.

Anyway, last year was busy for me and there just wasn't anything particularly punk worthy to rave about. Although I can tell you I've gotten into some techno 7os/80s shit after picking up the pitchfork 500 book- I particularly like New Order, stuff of producer Gorgio Moroder and the old rap music ie africa bambakita.

Here's a few good mp3 blogs for stuff like that: a cute swedish dude not so much 70s and 80s as there are modern 00s tracks lots of obscure stuff here, some of it wackyish. lotsa soulful 70s 80s beats-good stuff.

that's all for now,but I'll be back.

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