Monday, January 11, 2010

Most epic valentine's day itunes playlist eva

and for some reason,I was highly compelled to make it in fuckin January:

1) Oh Oh I love her so

2) The man I love-Zebedy(From a nice compilation of history of gay themed music through the 60s and 70s that I found at best buy)

3) I wanna sleep in your arms-Modern Lovers

4) She's the one-Heavens to Betsy

5) Love buzz-Nirvana

6) Good good things-Descendents

7)Across the sea-Weezer(for the creepy lovers out there.)

8)White trash hillbilly trick- Peter Grudzien(from the same album as number 2)

9)Eros-Rod Mckuen
10) Baby won't ya-Mc5

11) Where've you been all my life- Fotomaker(from a power pop compilation that was released in 93-with artwork by dan clowes to boot!)

12) Silly Girl-Descendents

13)All kindsa girls-Real Kids

14)Get the time-Descendents

15) Laser Love-T rex

16) See her tonite-The Damned

17) Love story-The lurkers

18)Someone I care about- The Modern Lovers

19) Looking at you-Mc5

20) I wanna be your boyfriend-Ramones

21)Girlfriend- Modern Lovers

22) Christi Girl- Flash Cubes

23) No other one-Weezer( This should totally be a ballad in a musical)

24) Looking for a boy- Chris Robinson

25) About a girl-Nirvana

26) New Rose-The Damned

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