Sunday, March 28, 2010

current list of my favorite albums of all time

1) Stop Making Sense-Talking Heads:Byrne may have the best vocals for a post punk/art punk band ever
2) Rum, Sodomy and the Lash-The Pogues:If there was anything that could define the emotion of depressed weariness, it would be this album
3) Remain in Light-Talking Heads: Please take a moment to bow to Mr. Brian Eno. He and Byrne were the best two white guys to successfully blend foreign beats with rock(Well,okay, the Clash too.)
4) Pinkerton-Weezer: The best personal character study of a sleazy nerd with a Japanese woman fetish ever. Also based on Madam Butterfly.
5) Demon Days-Gorillaz: Second only to maybe Radiohead's Ok Computer, this will likely be the soundtrack playing during the apocalypse
6) Tie: Unknown Pleasures and Closer-Joy Division: always nice for a gloomy winter day and very underated guitar work from Bernard Sumner
7) New Day Rising-Husker Du: Celebrated Summer is one of the saddest beautiful songs ever recorded while Girl who lives on Heaven Hill, Perfect Example, and New Day Rising are quiet pop masterpieces
8) London Calling-The Clash: the only white boys to successfully mix ska, rockabilly, and punk all on one excellent album
9) Nevermind the Bollocks,Here's the Sex Pistols-Sex Pistols: Contrary to popular belief, Malcolm McLaren didn't construct this band by himself, rather Steve Jones and Glenn Matlock worked at his shop and they were the ones who auditoned John Lydon. All the better for it, I say.
10) Quadrophenia-The Who: The best teen angst album ever produced. Without this, there'd be no punk rock or even the good versions of emo
11) : Nebraska-Bruce Springsteen: Proof that the man who wrote Born to Run had a much more darker, abstract side and thank god for that.
12) Velvet Undeground and Nico- Velvet Underground: Lou reed is one of America's greatest unsung treasures. That is all.
13) Farewell concert-Oingo Boingo: An insane blend of arena rock, ska, and ghoulish cabaret never sounded so epic
14) David Bowie-Low: See the Stop Making sense entry. Bowie or Talking Heads + Eno=Pure magic
15) Tie: First issue and Second edition-Public Image limited: The sound of a youngish soul lost and tormented(particularly noticable in Careering, Theme and Poptones)
16) Singles Going Steady-Buzzcocks: The second coming of early Who and Beatles with more of a poppy flavor, but with the same tired and true love themes
17) Ramones-Rocket to Russia: The result of a diet of heroin, comics, bad b- horror movies, bubblegum pop, and well, just about every fucking thing these kids from Queens could get their grubby mits on
18) The Who sell out-The Who: The pop culture tribute to old radio that probably spawned the Ramones and slews of other excitable boys and girls
19) In the Flat Field- Bauhaus: Dark Entries is practically Joy Division hepped up on Caffiene Pills and trust me, this is a compliment. Also worth hearing for Peter Murphy's wailing on double dare
20) Times they are a changin and Freewheelin Bob Dylan-Bob Dylan: If the Lonsome death of Hattie Carrol and Girl from Northern County don't get you choked up, I don't know what to tell you

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