Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bonus review thing: Cap'n Jazz's alphabetapolothology disc 1

So I've sampled Cap'N Jazz's stuff before and could never understand what the hell they were talking about even when I looked over the lyrics. I figured they were depicting some sort of twisted nostalgia for a traumatizing childhood as seen in songs like In the clear which depicts a child's fear of a child eating dog or Yes I'm talking to you which is apparently about mournfully reminiscing of eating cookies with your childhood friend turned best girl on a moonlit night. But then, there's songs like olerud which seems to involve a boy venting all his love problems onto his fairly young father or my personal favorite, Que Suerete which tells of a love/hate relationship between a boy and girl. So is it a concept album biography? How one person develops from a fearful boy into an equally timid socially awkward young man? What? While this record's interesting, the idea of surreal childhood memories was better explored with Boards of Canada's Music belongs to Children, I think.

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