Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swing Kids discography

It's like if a rage induced, spurned rimbaud took a buncha caffeine pills and put his poems to song. And the screaming! Oy the screaming! I think Justin Pearson has pioneered screamo here, friends.

Do I like it? Well the performance certainly more passionate and desperate than Cap'N Jazz's Gilliamesque depictions of youth trauma. I kind of like it.. they certainly brought gothic rock to a softer genre with their cover of Joy Divison's Warsaw so kudos to that(which as an excellent bass line). Yet, lyrics wise, Cap 'N Jazz wins for surrealism.

So what does this 23 year old who was barely out of Elementary school think of these two 90s emo landmarks?

Cap'N Jazz: 8/10 for weird lyrics yet generic beats

Swing Kids: 9/10 for tight, tense rhythm and striking if occasionally grating vocals

Otherwise, I am quite happy with Sunny Day Real Estate and Rites of Spring being my two favorite emo acts.

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