Monday, May 30, 2011

Emo saturday morning part 3: adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Between 1993 and 1994, a few strange things happened: we got a new president who was just as bad as Bush I(trying to end the welfare program, starting an uncalled war with Bosnia when diplomacy and justice would have faired better,etc.), Cobain commited suicide*, Kafkaesque comic Bill Hicks succumbed to cancer, A young religious man named David Koresh went mad and took a bunch of women and children hostage, and Lorraine Bobbit cut off her husband's cock. Yes, it was a confusing, tumultuous time to be a young person and it certainly shows in these songs. Some have a poppier tone like Evergreen's Constellation while others accurately capture the fear and chaos brewing; listen to the manic howl of Indian Summer's Truman or the suspenseful clatter of Gauge's 38 cinder, that's the sound of desperation and the fear of what was to come.

*By the way, all that talk of Cobain being a spoiled rock star is somewhat diminished here in his suicide letter:

We see that he was in the throes of depression and for him, there wasn't much of a way out since no one really took the effort to reach out and say something until it was too late and they did it half assed.

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