Wednesday, May 18, 2011

four corners of hardcore: an experiment

So my summer boredom has led me to explore whether the four corners of The U.S. (Florida, Washington D.C.*, California, and Washington) had a different hardcore sound and here's my results:

D.C.: Maine didn't have much, I'm afraid so I used this one and took away the obvious bands Minor Threat and Bad Brains. Here, I found that a lot of themes of the music dealt with rage against the government which likely resulted from being constantly surrounded by government buildings and the like. Lewis Black highlighted this as for why he does his angry shtick in one of his specials too. I also realized that the area as well as the states surrounding it, there were quite a few songs dealing with the hardcore scene itself like Government Issue's anarchy is dead or minor threat's bottled violence. I was gonna put th' inbred here too, but they're from the midwest, thought they were from Virginia!

California, specifically Oxnard: Much more thrashy and skate styled as opposed to the others with a general fuck parents let's skate! tone to the songs as opposed to D.C. Thus, despite what many punks claim, there was a tiny bit of influence from the devil may care druggy whimsy of 60s San Francisco.

Florida (more like flori-duh! Amirite?): Florida's sound is basically the Boston of the south; there's no real politics except teeny tiny pockets(i.e. Proletarian in Boston, the Eat(maybe?) in Florida) with the rest being pure stupidity (roach motel, Hated Youth vs.The Freeze, Gang Green, F.U.s) Lots of hatred for the state itself though, particularly from roach motel. probably due to the heat and far too much tourism( as they address in reptile land)

Seattle:this had less punk on it and more post punk, but still provided some interesting insight. For one, it showed that hardcore punk even then was making an impact after its initial period what with the U Men's solid action starting with a punk bass beat whereas The Melvins and Fluid deviated from it, choosing more of a 60sish rock flavor. For another, the punk sound a lot less alike;The Fartz were typical fast hardcore while the Lewd was much more traditional. So Seattle is the most diverse of this group, obviously. Sorry Portlandia.
I may do two others, comparing the rest of the southeast scene with Florida and Texas with California.

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